Web Site Issues

Rian Solutions is a local manufacturer of their own custom workholding solution for CNC machining shops and manufacturers. Their old website was only partially completed and consisted of a few pages, some with incomplete and outdated information. The focus of the business had changed from being a custom CNC machining shop completing work for other manufacturers, to being a manufacturer of their own workholding solution, so the  information that was there was not a good representation of the products and services they currently provided. The site did not appear in Google search results so it was virtually invisible to potential customers, and a lack of mobile optimization meant that those who did know about the site and visited it directly were met with a poor user experience, especially on mobile devices.

Our Web Design Solution

After meeting with Rian Solutions we came up with a plan to design a completely new site that accurately represented the products and services they currently offer. The new web site is built with the Drupal content management framework so it is fast, secure, and highly configurable so the site can be easily modified and updated as time goes by. The design features a secure section of the site, controlled by Rian Solutions so they can create accounts for customers to give them access to privileged content that is not accessible to the general public. The site was optimized for the search engines to improve their search engine ranking when potential customers search for their products and services.

Rian Solutions web site home page displayed on an iPad.
iPhone, displaying the Rian Solutions web site home page, sitting ona desk beside a laptop.