Web Site Issues

HDOutdoor Cleaners was a new division of a well established company. They offer patio, sidewalk, driveway, siding, deck, and fence cleaning and restoration services in Southern Ontario. Because this service is new, and different than what their existing company offers they wanted a new website to market the new service.

They approached WebFire Designs to create a new website that would showcase the services they offered, explain the process, include some photo galleries, and allow people to submit requests for quotes including the ability to upload images of the exterior surface they would like cleaned.

Our Web Design Solution

WebFire Designs chose the Drupal content management system for this project. We created a custom design that is clean and modern, in line with the cleaning services offered by HDOutdoor Cleaners. We created a step-by-step explanation of the process using bold colours on a white background with high quality images to reinforce the idea of cleanliness. The site includes multiple photo galleries with before and after images showing the different types of surfaces that can be cleaned, and the effectiveness of the cleaning process.

The site also includes a form with a secure file upload feature so people can securely upload images of their project, and request a quote.

Mockup of HDOutdoor Cleaners website home page displayed on an iPad.
Mockup of HDOutdoor Cleaners website home page displayed on an iPhone.