Web Site Issues

Margot McTavish contacted WebFire Designs to redesign her current ineffective web site. Her web site looked good, but the design was not as effective as it could be at encouraging site visitors to contact Margot. There was too much information and it was not well organized. There were confusing elements on some pages because there were icons that looked like they were links that could be clicked, but were just images on the page. Photo galleries of past work were outdated and could not be easily updated. The site was slow, and although it had been recently redesigned it was not mobile/touch friendly so it did not display well on mobile devices.

Our Web Design Solution

We took a fair bit of time to analyze the issues with Margot's current site before deciding a complete redesign was the best solution. We used some of the existing design elements such as Margot's logo and colours and created a mobile and touch optimized design. The new web site has a number of photo galleries of past work that are easy to update. New project galleries can be added easily and feature a sleek layout with large, bright, professional images. Professional photographs make all the difference here!

The new website performs well, is fast loading, and encourages site visitors to contact Margot with strategically placed calls-to-action throughout the site.

Margot Designs web site home page displayed on an iPhone.
Margot Designs web site home page displayed on an iPad.