Web Site Issues

The Brant Sunrise Professional Group is a group of local Brantford businesses that get together once per week to network and promote each others businesses. Their old website had an outdated look, was not effective at promoting the networking group to other local businesses to attract new members, and didn't enable their members to promote their businesses in an effective way. There was little in the way of social media integration, no blogging capability, and no way for members to update content, or easily promote content on social media.

Our Web Design Solution

The new website addresses all the shortcomings of the existing site by focusing more on prospective new members and promoting the benefits of the group to the local business community. The new website enables members of the group to create and edit a landing page that promotes networking events such as visitor days to attract new members. Each member of the group has their own profile, that they can update themselves, and they have the ability to create blog post that they can promote and share to social media directly from the Brant Sunrise web site.

Brant Sunrise Professional Group website layout displayed on an iPad.
Brant Sunrise Professional Group website layout displayed on an iPhone.