Web Site Issues

The JB Landscape web site had been designed by a former employee at JB Landscape. The site was not well designed, did not engage with customers in any meaningful way, and did not showcase the excellent work that JB Landscape did, or meet the needs of JB Landscape or their customers.

John from JB Landscape contacted WebFire Designs to redesign their site. We met with John on multiple occasions get a good feel for the type of work they did, who their customers were, and determine the requirements for the new web site. JB Landscape does both commercial and residential work, but wanted this website to focus on, and promote the residential side of the business while still making sure site visitors were made aware of the commercial experience and expertise that JB Landscape brought to the table.

Our Web Design Solution

After meeting with John from JB Landscape, we decided on a design that featured a large, professional Hero image at the top of the Home page, and had strong visuals throughout the design to show the type of residential landscape design work that JB Landscape did.

The new web site design showcases an extensive list of landscape design and property management services with photo galleries so that site visitors are comfortable with the extensive experience that JB Landscape has, and their ability to take on any residential landscaping project, regardless of the size, budget, or scope.

Mock-up of JB Landscape web site on an iPhone.
Mock-up of JB Landscape on an iPad.