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Social Media Management

We will develop a detailed profile of your company, based on information you provide to us. Our experts will then use that profile to develop custom content for your social feeds, tailored to your business, that your fans and followers will love.


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Social Profiling

You complete a business profile document and our team uses that, along with information such as your website, and images you provide, to create custom high quality content for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Variety of Subjects

We use information from your business profile, your website, your industry, as well as tips and trivia. We'll also include optional content such as humour, motivational quotes, industry facts and more.

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Scheduling of Posts

All posts are scheduled a full week in advance so you can review updates before they are published. You can even use your control panel to schedule your own posts and tweets.

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Advanced Filtering

All content is double checked by our team of editors before being posted. We check for any grammar and spelling errors so that your social feeds always look professional.

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We can include images from your portfolio of products and services and integrate them into your social media campaign. We can also supply royalty free images, relevant to your industry.

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Control Panel

We provide you with your own control panel to manage your campaign. Here you can review all content created by us for your feeds, schedule additional posts and tweets, and track results.

Bonus Feature

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FREE Integrated RSS Feed

Customizable RSS Feed integrated into your control panel. Super simple to set up. Easily include industry specific news and content into your posts and tweets.

Included with all SMM plans.


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Enhance Your Trustworthiness

Active social media accounts show authority, professioanlism, and will drive conversions by reassuring people that you are active and involved in your business and want to communicate with your customers.

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Brand Recognition & Repeat Exposure

Putting your message out there, without being pushy and always trying to sell, will build brand awareness in the minds of your followers. It takes repeated exposure before your potential customers will take action.

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Get Ahead of Your Competitors

Most businesses do not handle social media well. This is your chance to set yourself apart from your competition. Site visitors expect to see a social media presence so you must be active in this space.

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Posting with relevant hashtags will get you into relevant conversations, which will grow your follower base organically. Your message will reach more people and will carry more weight.

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Improve Your Authority

Providing hints, trivia, news, and other useful and entertaining content for your fans and followers will show that you care enough about your customers (and potential customers) to take time to share your expertise with them.

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Return on Investment

For a small monthly fee you can reach the billions of social media users to spread your message and build your brand. You will be able to track your efforts through your own control panel to see how your reach grows as more people connect to you and your business.

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Search Engine Optimization

We give you the tools to embed a Twitter or Facebook feed in your website. Google loves fresh content and will crawl your site more often. Your site will rank higher with an active Twitter of Facebook feed.

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Grow Website Traffic

An active social media campaign will get you noticed in conversations that are relevant to your industry and brand. Interesting and entertaining posts, and tweets that get shared will grow your follower base which, in turn, will lead to more visits to your website.

Social Content Writing

FREE SET-UP + monthly fees

Perfect for small to medium size businesses that are looking to grow their social media presence. Custom content for your social media stream tailored to your products and services.

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3 - 4 tweets/day
3 image tweets/week
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2 posts/day
3 image posts/week
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2 daily updates
image posts n/a

Single Platform

per month

Any 2 Platforms

per month

All 3 Platforms

per month

Also includes:

  • Social Dashboard Pro Account
  • In-depth social profile
  • Dedicated content writer
  • Native English speaking writers
  • Pre-configured RSS feeds
  • Easy 7 - 14 day content review system

Why Us

In order to be seen as socially relevant, you need to be tweeting and posting multiple times per day, and those tweets and posts need to be good quality, relevant, useful posts that your followers will want to share.

The more people 'Like,' Share,' and 'Retweet' your content, the more your organic reach grows, resulting in more views which will drive more traffic to your website.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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